Wartsila 18V32 Engine with AVK Alternator.

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Engine details.
Make: Wartsila
Model: W18V32
Mfg year: 2005
Spec no: 17327
Engine no: PAAE009382
Power: 8280 KW
RPM: 750

Alternator details.
Make: AVK
Type: DIG171 n/8
No: 8426728A103
Year Built: 2004
Output: 10040 KVA
Voltage: 11000
Frequency: 50 Hz
Speed: 750 RPM
Weight 33.9 tons
Working hours: 17,487
Running hours after overhauling 3063
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Manufacturer Wartsila
Year Built 2005
No of Cylinder 18
Power 10040 KVA
Hz 50
Quantity 1