Oil Rigs & Spares

Drilling Rig Packages

Land Rigs,Trailer Mounted Rigs,Carrier Mounted Rigs,Workover Rigs

Capital Drilling Equipment

Top Drives, Mud Pumps, Drawworks, Hydraulic Power Units

Mud / Solids Control Equipment

Shale Shakers,Mud Cleaners,Desanders,Desilters,Degassers,Centrifuges,Centrifugal Pumps,Agitators,Mud/Gas Separators

Drilling Power Systems

SCR Systems,AC Drives,AC Motors,DC Motors,Engine / Generators

Derricks & Subs

Masts (250T-1000T),Derricks (250T-1000T),Deadline Anchors

Oil and Gas Rigs

  Product Name Manufacturer Description Year of Manufacturing Quantity
VIGO TT tunnels ULS TT2800 Thruster Unit Azimuth Thruster Retractable System Bow Rolls Royce Brand New Thrusters and ABB Motors 2015 4
NOV 150 tons crane Brand New NOV 150 tons Brand New Crane. 1
Toyo Dredging Pump 24″ Submersible. Dredging Pump Toyo / DP-1200-16A 24" Submersible Dredging Pump 1994
Framo Fire Water System Framo Framo Fire Water System 2007 1
FB 1600 Mud Pumps Emsco FB1600 x 2 Mud Pumps 2
PZ 11 Mud Pumps Gardner Denver PZ 11 Mud Pumps 3
GE Top Drive 5GE752 motor GE Top drive Motor Model GE752 Recon 1
Varco Iron Roughneck Varco Iron Roughneck AR-3200 2008 1
Roughneck MH Kristiansand Norway MH Kristiansand Norway RoughNeck Type BC251 2006 1
MH Writh Kristiansand Lower Guiding Arm MH Writh Kristansand Lower Guiding Arm 2004 2