Oil Rigs & Spares

Drilling Rig Packages

Land Rigs,Trailer Mounted Rigs,Carrier Mounted Rigs,Workover Rigs

Capital Drilling Equipment

Top Drives, Mud Pumps, Drawworks, Hydraulic Power Units

Mud / Solids Control Equipment

Shale Shakers,Mud Cleaners,Desanders,Desilters,Degassers,Centrifuges,Centrifugal Pumps,Agitators,Mud/Gas Separators

Drilling Power Systems

SCR Systems,AC Drives,AC Motors,DC Motors,Engine / Generators

Derricks & Subs

Masts (250T-1000T),Derricks (250T-1000T),Deadline Anchors

Oil and Gas Rigs

  Product Name Manufacturer Description Year of Manufacturing Quantity
NOV Pressure Tank vessel Brand New NOV Pressure Tank Vessel 2017 4+4+3
VIGO TT tunnels ULS TT2800 Thruster Unit Azimuth Thruster Retractable System Bow Rolls Royce Brand New Thrusters and ABB Motors 2015 4
Toyo Dredging Pump 24″ Submersible. Dredging Pump Toyo / DP-1200-16A 24" Submersible Dredging Pump 1994
Framo Fire Water System Framo Framo Fire Water System 2007 1
FB 1600 Mud Pumps Emsco FB1600 x 2 Mud Pumps 2
PZ 11 Mud Pumps Gardner Denver PZ 11 Mud Pumps 3
GE Top Drive 5GE752 motor GE Top drive Motor Model GE752 Recon 1
Varco Iron Roughneck Varco Iron Roughneck AR-3200 2008 1
Roughneck MH Kristiansand Norway MH Kristiansand Norway RoughNeck Type BC251 2006 1
MH Writh Kristiansand Lower Guiding Arm MH Writh Kristansand Lower Guiding Arm 2004 2